Lamborghini Aventador Drift Fail. Lambo all wheel drive & steering Corvette Z06, Shelby Cobra

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Lamborghini Aventador Drift fail. Corvette Z06, Shelby Cobra
We love our new Lambo addition to the channel, the Aventador S with all wheel drive (AWD) and all wheel steering (AWS). This is our first with that driveline. We tried and tried but failed miserably to put it into a drift or a spin. But practice make perfect so we will keep on trying to beat this car's anti donut technology.
Meanwhile the Chevy Corvette Z06 and the Cobra were so easy to spin and a lot of fun.
Corvette Z06 Drift: 0:30
Cobra Drift: 1:30
Lambo drift fail: 1:59
You wanna play? You gotta pay: 3:14
If you own of have owned an Aventador please share with us all that you can on the All wheel drive (AWD) system and the all wheel steering (AWS) system.
Thank you for keeping your comments positive.
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Lamborghini (Ламборгини)
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