CHASING 15 KOENIGSEGGS on My First Senna Road Trip!

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It's the first big road trip with my McLaren Senna, to chase a convoy of 15 Koenigseggs in Switzerland! Departing from GerCollector's garage, we're taking 3 of the Shmeemobiles; including the BMW M8 and SLS Black Series too, on a 400km drive taking in the Autobahn, Swiss mountains, and finding the pack of Koenigseggs along the way!

I brought the McLaren Senna over from the UK to Germany a month ago in a trailer with the G63 ahead of this specific adventure and the plans over the coming days in the Swiss Alps. After a very fun, and very fast drive to dinner with the double-Sennas it's now time to depart from Munich towards Switzerland to join up with the Koenigseggs and Supercar Owners Circle.

Up to this point I've used the cars for plenty of fun things, but never taken it on a proper road trip given it is far from the most suited to that kind of driving, with bare minimal luggage space. However, the opportunity presents to do just this while joined by both BenzeneBen and Shmarc150 to pilot the other cars, also for our ongoing adventures taking us different ways after SOC. With a long 400km (250 mile) leg ahead of us, the journey takes us out of Munich and along the Autobahns towards Austria and ultimately Switzerland and a first stop in Andermatt.

Simultaneously, the Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron owners tour follows the same route, along with some guests, which fit together perfectly to also meet for some driving as a ridiculous group on the Oberalppass. In addition to 12 Eggs on the drive including two One:1s, the One of One, Regeras, Agera Rs and more, plus there's also a Huayra Roadster, Veyron, another Senna, F12 TDF, SVJ...! Upon arrival at the hotel after the drive, we're even presented with 3 more Koenigseggs including the new Gemera and the raw carbon Regera too.

As convoys go, this is at the top end of insane! Being back out on the roads with a few of the Shmeemobiles together, and then joining 20-odd hypercars in the Swiss Alps.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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