2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Walkaround | Rolls-Royce Rancho Mirage

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2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Walkaround
Rolls-Royce Rancho Mirage

Rolls Royce calls the Ghost its "purest expression." And while it retains the brand's ultra-luxury sedan status the Ghost looks strikingly different than any Rolls before it. First off, it's slightly smaller and much more understated than previous Rolls, celebrating reduction and restraint. This is what the designers call the "post opulence Rolls." But don't be fooled by that statement. This is still a Rolls Royce. Those seeking a luxurious, spirited driving experience find it here. In fact, the Ghost Series III is the most technologically advanced Rolls Royce ever created. The interior retains sumptuous leather seating and stunningly crafted wood veneers that manage to look both retro and contemporary at the same time. The 6.75-liter V-12 engine with 563 horsepower runs almost without a sound and offers near effortless acceleration. Upgrade to the Black Badge Ghost model and you gain an additional 40-hp. All versions have a top speed of 155 mph. The Ghost's incomparable suspension makes for an uber-comfortable ride. Road trip, anyone?

Rolls-Royce (Роллс-Ройс)
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